Plant & Industrial Services

We undertake surveys on Plant, Mines and Rigs. Due to hazards and the general nature of these environments it pays to complete a survey in the shortest possible time. It is for this reason that we employ advanced survey techniques like 3D Laser Scanning (LIDAR) to capture masses of data in a very short period of time. This way we can do the As-Built Measurements, Drawings, 3D Modeling, Isometrics and Fabrication Drawings from the scan data Off-Site in the safety of our offices.

We also do Positioning and Quality Control during the Construction Phase of a project and make sure to Manage Risk and maintain High Health and Safety Standards.

  Engineering Surveys

We survey on Engineering Projects producing anything from Contour Models for Construction of a new building to the Precise Alignment of Complex Mechanical Parts.

Typical services include Topographic Surveys of roads and structures, Stake-out and Positioning Services, Monitoring and Deformation Reports for existing Structures. We also enjoy Projects of a Mechanical Nature including the Alignment of Crane Rails and Gantry Systems, 3D Modeling of Complex Structural Steel Assemblies for Maintenance and / or Extensions.

  Film and Visual Effects Services

Having worked on multiple International Productions, we are very familiar with set protocol and our LiDAR Services are highly developed, fast and professional. Apart from Set LiDAR work for Camera Tracking, Set Extension and Crowd Simulation, we also scan Props and Vehicles for CG Stunts. We started developing workflows for Cyber Scanning of People, both Full Body- and Facial Scanning.

We have a range of Photographic Services for Texturing that include HDRI Panoramic Spherical Imagery (Round-shots), Orthos and Photo Registrations.

  3D Modeling and Reverse Engineering

With the increasing popularity of 3D Laser Scanning (LIDAR), we have been developing work flows for As-Built 3D Modeling of just about any Existing Object.

We offer 3D Modeling options with most of our own survey work, but we also provide this service to anyone with a Laser Scanner or in possession of Point Cloud Data. Simply upload your Point Cloud Data to an FTP Server like Dropbox and we will give you a quote to produce a 3D Model and /or Fabrication Drawings of the Object(s).

Having a Computer Programmer in our offices, we are able to quickly write Custom Software Tools to Analyse Point Cloud of complex 3D Objects.

  Buildings & Architecture (BIM)

We work closely with Architects to do As-Built Surveys of Existing Buildings for Upgrades and Extensions. We regularly use 3D Laser Scanning (LIDAR) for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and have fine tuned work flows for producing 3D Models, Plans, Elevations and Sections of Existing Buildings.

We also do Topographic Surveys to produce Contour Plans and 3D Digital Terrain Models for the Design Phase and CNC / 3D Printing of Scale Models. Additionally, we offer Stake-out and Positioning services during the Construction Phase to ensure everything is built in the right place and within Design Specifications.

  Professional Land Surveying

We are Registered Professional Land Surveyors and qualified to perform Section Title Surveys and Amendments. Our services include Subdivision surveys, Consolidation of neighbouring Properties, Servitudes and various services like certifying Height Restrictions, staking out Building Lines and checking for Encroachments over property Boundaries.

Apart from conventional Land Surveying Services, we extend the High Level of Quality Control of a Land Surveyor's Office to our other departments as well by having a Registered Professional Approving and Certifying All Work produced by CGS Inc.

Reg. No. 2014/273111/21 ● Director: Pieter J. Louw, B.Sc Geomatics (UCT), Pr.L SA (PLS 1253) ● M. SAGI
Tel: +27 83 271 3248 ● Address: Cape Town, South Africa ● Email: info@cgsinc.co.za