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Vessel Surveys and Deformation Reports

Apart from modeling plant, CGS specialize in 3D modeling of existing Pressure Vessels and Tanks from Point Cloud. As-Built Surveys are useful during Vessel Replacement projects and our services include 3D Vessel Models, General Arrangements of the Vessel and its Nozzles, Fabrication Drawings, etc.

Surveys are vital during fabrication of new Vessels or Tanks to ensure they fit precisely on site once the old vessels are removed. We can adapt our services to any specification and precision so it is best to consult with us before the project to define the exact requirements.

We also do As-Built Surveys after fabrication where we scan new vessels on the factory floor and run comparison algorithms on Nozzle Positions, Vessel Supports, Bolt Holes, Brackets, etc. to produce reports showing deviations from design.

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Vessel Deformation Analysis

These report are also useful after construction of large immovable tanks on site to confirm that the tank was constructed correctly before the site handover.

CGS develops custom software tools to Analyze Surfaces of Pressure Vessels and Large Tanks for Deformations. We issue reports showing exact deviations from design standards and we can base our tolerances on any specification or documentation supplied by the client.

These reports are useful when a tank is old or needs to be inspected for maintenance.

We produce a variety of different report formats including 3D Cylindrical Representations and Unwrapped 2D Cylindrical Representations for algorithms to inspect Tank Roundness, Weld Peaking and Banding, Tank Waviness (Vertical and Horizontal), etc.

The advantage of using CGS is that we can develop analysis tools to give you the exact information about a specific tank in any requested format.


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