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Construction Surveys on Plant

CGS deploy professional surveyors to the field to carry out survey work on Plants for Industrial, Oil & Gas and Nuclear projects. Normally we survey on Plant to assist the 3D Laser Scanning (LIDAR) team, but we also provide the following survey services.

Topographical surveys are useful to determine the slope and changes in ground level on site (contours), show positions and relative heights of concrete bases for equipment, show positions of services like roads, culverts, overhead power lines and pipe racks, etc. Topographic surveys don't show as much detail as laser scanning, but you can cover large areas quickly, making it the perfect tool for surveying along road networks around the process areas.

We provide Setting Out services to mark positions of new plant or equipment before construction. We accurately point out positions and depths for Civil work like Excavations, Piling and Concrete foundations from design drawings. We also take on more precise work like marking out positions for Structural Steel, Bolt Holes, Precise Leveling Datums, etc.

Surveying on Plant

Surveying on Plant

We enjoy Precise Alignment projects where the exact positioning of a piece of equipment is vital. These projects can be challenging due to the fact the real world is not perfect like design drawings, but we pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to investigate the local area for these imperfections and apply a "Best Fit" to the positioning process.

Apart from the physical survey work, it is important to note that Plant Environments can be Hazardous and that we take the necessary precautions to ensure the Safety of our Survey Teams. We deploy Experienced Surveyors to site and always comply with all the Health and Safety Regulations.

We are based in Cape Town, but we take on physical survey work all over Southern Africa. We provide Data Processing and 3D Modeling services to clients world wide.


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