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  3D Laser Scanning (LIDAR) of Plant

3D Laser Scanning (LIDAR) is a process that acquires millions of points spaced closely together on the surface of an object to represent the object in 3D. The point data acquired by a Laser Scanner are stored in large files and this type of data is called Point Cloud. There are many different types of scanners and in order to get the best results it is vital to use the correct scanner for the required specification.

When scanning on Plant or active Industrial Environments, it is important to do sufficient planning in advance to make sure the field work is executed efficiently and safely...

  3D Plant Modeling

CGS specialises in 3D Modeling and we have advanced work flows and libraries for Modeling Plant from Point Cloud. We can produce many different file formats and depending on your requirements, we try to maximise compatibility with your work flow in order to deliver a product that is as efficient as possible.

It is important to specify the exact accuracy and Level of Detail (LOD) specification when a 3D As-Built Plant Model is requested. If the specification has very small tolerances  (i.e. 3D Model compared to the Real Life Object) it can be time consuming to model precisely and this will increase the price of the service.

  Piping Isometrics and Equipment Arrangements

Our services include simplified As-Built Isometrics that best fit the design grid, but these representations can sometimes be too inaccurate for anything other than conceptual design and clash detection.

We also provide detailed Piping Isometrics that are very precise, but these take longer to produce and can be harder to read due to the increased amount of information (i.e. exact offset distances and angles by which pipes deviate from the grid). Precise Models and Isometrics enable the engineer to ...

  Vessel Surveys and Deformation Reports

We specialize in precise 3D modeling of existing Pressure Vessels and Tanks from Point Cloud. As-Built Surveys are useful during Vessel Replacement projects and our services include 3D Vessel Models, General Arrangements of the Vessel and its Nozzles, Fabrication Drawings, etc.

CGS develops custom software tools to Analyze Surfaces of Pressure Vessels and Large Tanks for Deformations. We issue reports showing exact deviations from design standards and we can base our tolerances on any specification or documentation supplied by the client.

  Construction Surveys on Plant

CGS deploy professional surveyors to the field to carry out survey work on Plants for Industrial, Oil & Gas and Nuclear projects.

Topographical surveys are useful to determine the slope and changes in ground level on site (contours), show positions and relative heights of concrete bases for equipment, show positions of services like roads, culverts, overhead power lines and pipe racks, etc. We also provide Setting Out and Precise Alignment services to mark positions of new plant or equipment before construction.

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