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3D Plant Modeling

CGS specialises in 3D Modeling and we have advanced work flows and libraries for Modeling Plant from Point Cloud. We can produce many different file formats and depending on your requirements, we try to maximise compatibility with your work flow in order to deliver a product that is as efficient as possible.

It is important to specify the exact accuracy and Level of Detail (LOD) specification when a 3D As-Built Plant Model is requested. If the specification has very small tolerances (i.e. 3D Model compared to the Real Life Object) it can be time consuming to model precisely and this will increase the price of the service. If the accuracy requirements can be relaxed slightly and stil meet the specification, it can make substantial differences in time taken to model hundreds of plant objects like flanges and valves.

We prefer to consult with our clients before a large project to define the exact accuracy and Level of Detail (LOD) requirements in order to deliver a 3D Model that is as Efficient and Cost Effective as possible.

3D Plant Model

Plant, Piping, Valves, Pumps, etc.

Depending on your requirements, a typical plant model can include piping, valves, flanges, vessels, equipment, concrete bases, structural steel, etc. Unlike most companies that offer similar services, we are not restricted to a single plant design package that is usually not compatible with the your software.

We develop generic plant libraries that maximizes compatibility with your plant design software whilst fitting objects precisely to the Point Cloud.

CGS offer many other ways of representing as-built data of Plant and often get requests for accompanying documents like Equipment Arrangements, Isometrics, Fabrication Drawings, Deformation Reports, etc. with the 3D Plant Model.


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