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Piping Isometrics and Dimension Control

CGS develops work flows and libraries to represent As-Built Plant as Piping Isometrics. Sometimes this is not an easy task since the actual installation on the plant is not "perfect" like it was initially designed. Small deviations from the design grid can amount to substantial errors at tie-in points.

Piping Isometric

Our services include simplified As-Built Isometrics that best fit the design grid, but these representations can sometimes be too inaccurate for anything other than conceptual design and clash detection.

We also provide detailed Piping Isometrics that are very precise, but these take longer to produce and can be harder to read due to the increased amount of information (i.e. exact offset distances and angles by which pipes deviate from the grid). Precise Models and Isometrics enable the engineer to manufacture piping assemblies off site with confidence knowing that it will fit perfectly when it arrives on the Plant for installation.

We like to consult with our clients before a large project to define the exact accuracy requirements in order to deliver Isometrics that represent the existing piping on the plant within specified tolerances. An as-built representation can be infinitely precise and complicated, but we like to deliver a product that is as efficient and cost effective as possible.

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