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  3D Solid Modeling
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We specialize in modeling real life objects from Point Cloud (Laser Scanning Data). Sometimes this is very challenging since the real world is full of small imperfections that is hard to define in a design system.

We use a range of different CAD packages and we develop libraries of standard objects for Plant, Structural Steel, Buildings (BIM), etc.

With enough geometric information any object can be modeled as a solid, no matter how small, large or complex it is.

  3D Surface Modeling
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We have been developing workflows for modeling surfaces of physical objects for a long time and provide many options in this regard.

We develop custom software for creating Polygonal Mesh like OBJ and STL from Point Cloud (Laser Scanning Data) and using advanced decimation algorithms we are able to reduce the polygon count to produce complex, yet efficient meshes.

We also do NURBS surface modeling from Point Cloud to produce IGES and STEP files, typically used for Tooling and Automotive Bodywork.

  CNC Tooling and 3D Printing
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We have Multiple Scanning Systems to capture accurate geometry on any object from the size of a Keychain to a Car. We regularly get requests to scan Parts for Vehicles in order to Reproduce Parts, Fix Design Flaws and/or Streamline Manufacturing.

We offer various Software Formats for 3D Printing / CNC and we make sure our clients are satisfied with both Quality and Compatibility of the data before we send an invoice for the work.

  Reverse Engineering
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We have been involved in various Automotive Design projects and enjoy helping with Manufacturing and Assembly Processes.

Regular work with companies that does 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Yacht Design, Automotive Design, Tooling and Mold Making we have become very efficient at solving Complex 3D Problems.

Contact us if you have an existing assembly line or manufacturing process that needs to be streamlined or upgraded.

  Deformation Analysis
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Having a software programmer in the firm we are able to analyze scan data of an existing object and compare it to design. This is very useful when you need to know where and by how much an object is different from design and it is the best way to determine to quality and repeatability of a manufacturing process.

We have a range of standard reports for common geometry (Planes, Cylinders, Spheres, Cones, etc.) and we also provide complex comparisons against objects like Pressure Vessels, Piping, Structural Steel, etc.

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