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  Property Boundary Surveys
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We are Professional Land Surveyors registered with the PLATO under Act 40 of 1984 and members of SAGI (South African Geomatics Institute). We are fully qualified to survey Property Boundaries and submit Diagrams for Approval by the Surveyor General for the purposes of registering land use rights in the Deeds Office.

Our services include Subdivision Surveys, Consolidation of Property, Boundary Relocation Surveys, Land Surveyor's Certificates, Survey of Encroachments, etc.


  Sectional Title
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We are registered Sectional Title Practitioners, qualified to perform Section Title Surveys and Submit Draft Sectional Plans to the Offices of the Surveyor General.

Call us if you want to create a new Sectional Title Scheme or Amend an Existing Sectional Title Scheme. Our services include Subdivision and Consolidation of Sections, Creation of Exclusive Use Areas, Amendments to Common Property, Extension of Schemes, Servitudes, etc.

We also enjoy solving the annoying Parking Problems that nearly every Sectional Title Scheme has.

  Rentable Area Certificates
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Due to the constant changing of Tenants and Ownership in Schemes like Shopping Centres and Office Complexes, there is regular modification of Rentable Units on the Premises and it is often neglected to update the Rentable Area Certificates. Incorrect Area Calculations cost Property Owners and / or Tenants a substantial amount in Rent and / or Operational Costs each year.

We carry out surveys of rentable areas and issue plans and certificates in accordance with SAPOA definitions and guidelines.


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Servitudes enable the registration of real rights in favor of one person over the property of another. We are registered to Survey Servitudes and submit Servitude Diagrams to the Surveyor General for Registration in the Deeds Office.

Types of Servitudes include Right of Way servitudes, Powerline and/or Electrical servitudes, Pipeline servitudes, Municipal Services servitudes, Encroachment servitudes, etc.


  Land Use Consultants
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We consult on any queries regarding zoning regulations, physical definitions of property and boundary disputes.

Typical issues include Encroachments over Boundary Lines, Height Restrictions, Uncertainty over Servitudes, etc. We carry out surveys to investigate the situation and issue a Land Surveyor's Certificate to remove all uncertainty.

If you are planning construction of a new building it is always a good idea involve a Professional Land Surveyor to stake out Building Lines and Height Restrictions according to Approved Building Plans.

Reg. No. 2014/273111/21 ● Director: Pieter J. Louw, B.Sc Geomatics (UCT), Pr.L SA (PLS 1253) ● M. SAGI
Tel: +27 83 271 3248 ● Address: Cape Town, South Africa ● Email: info@cgsinc.co.za