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Film and Visual Effects Services

Our South African team has experience working on film sets dating back to 2011 and we've been involved in a number of International Film and TV Series Productions.

Our 3D Scanning (LiDAR) for Post Production VFX can be used for Camera Tracking / Match Moving, Set Extension, Crowd Simulation, etc. We offer a range of Cyber-scanning resolutions for Vehicles and Props that can be used in Virtual Stunts. We are passionate about Photography and complement most of our scanning services with a range of HDR Imagery options for Texturing.

We also do work for Arts Department (Pre-Production) to improve timelines for set construction and help solve complex 3D problems. Our Services include:

  • LiDAR Scanning of Sets and Locations
  • Cyberscanning of Vehicles, Props, Costumes, Prosthetics, etc.
  • Cleaning, Meshing and Retopologizing of Scan Data
  • Texturing of Meshes from Photography
  • HDRi Photography (Orthos)
  • 360 Panoramic Imagery (Roundshots)
  • Photogrammetry
  • UAV / Drone Surveys

We are well familiar with on-set protocols, we offer a discrete professional service and we have Professional Indemnity Insurance which includes Public Liability.

Dark Tower

The Empty Man Black Sails TV Series Resident Evil - Final Chapter Dominion TV Series The Mummy The Brothers Grimsby
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