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  Construction & Road Surveys
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Our services include Road Surveys, both before and during construction, conforming to the TMH11 Standard. Typical requests involve Topographical Surveys, Road Intersection Surveys, Position and Heights of Services, etc. We also have analysis tools to extract Cross Sections along specified intervals, show the Rise and Fall Profile along the Road Centre Line, analyze Horizontal Curvature of the Bends, etc.

We employ qualified staff with experience on Construction Sites to Reduce Risks in these environments. During construction it is vital to have a Surveyor on site to Stake Out Road Alignment and Positions of Services, it is also good practice to commission an As-built Survey once the Construction is Complete to ensure everything is in the right place.

  Precise Engineering Surveys
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Precise Engineering Surveys are required where tolerances are very tight. We enjoy challenges of this nature so we acquire High Precision Equipment and develop specialized workflows to achieve the small misclosures required with this type of work.

There are many applications for Precise Survey, for example, the position and alignment of nozzles on a pressure vessel, position of bolt holes on existing structural steel where a new design needs to interface with the existing structure, survey of an existing rail system to ensure that the gantry is designed and constructed for efficient operation, etc.

  Contours, Volumes & Terrain Models
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We regularly survey ground surfaces, both natural and man made, and we offer services from conventional Survey to Laser Scanning. There is a multitude of different ways to represent the data, but typical formats include Topographic Maps with Contours, Cross Sections, Triangulated Irregular Networks (TIN), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Point Clouds (LIDAR), etc. From these models we can run analysis tools to calculate Volumes of Stockpiles, simulate the Flow of Water, etc.

We offer a range of different Services, Equipment and Techniques and always comply with Safety Regulations on hazardous sites like Mines and Construction Sites.

  Positioning and Alignment
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We are experienced in Stake Out surveys and typical services include Positioning of Foundations and Piling before construction, marking out Grid Lines and Level Datums in Buildings for Fit Out contractors to work from, Calibration of Rail Systems during installation or maintenance, Alignment of Steel Members during Construction, etc.

We use very precise equipment and can stake out design constraints over large distances with very good relative accuracy. Apart from the ability to achieve these accuracies over a large scale, we also provide custom solutions to precisely control the construction of small objects like engines and other mechanical designs.

  Monitoring and Deformation Analysis
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We use Robotic Instruments with angular Accuracy of 1" of Arc and provide solutions for the monitoring any structure under stress. Typical examples include Tall Buildings, Electrical Towers and Communication Masts, Wind Turbines, Ground Level stability above excavations like Mines and Tunnels, Dam Walls, Piers and Harbour Walls, etc.

We write custom software to process large volumes of data like Point Cloud from Laser Scanners (LIDAR) and produce comprehensive reports regarding deviations in surfaces of large objects like Tanks that should be Cylindrical or Spherical, Floor Levels that should be absolutely Level, etc. from Repeatable Control to see Changes Over Time.

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