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  As-built Surveys and Laser Scanning
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Our experience in surveying of buildings and construction dates back to 2001 and we have been developing and streamlining our workflows all this time. We employ staff that are experienced in combining multiple survey techniques, including 3D Laser Scanning (LIDAR), to survey a building efficiently and cost-effectively.

Laser Scanning (LIDAR) is a very powerful tool to represent buildings in 3D. Plans, Sections, Elevations, 3D Revit Models, BIM, etc. can be created from Point Cloud (a product of Laser Scanning). One of the main advantages of Laser Scanning is that it captures everything that is visible from the scanner and we have to option to periodically extract more and more of information from the point cloud without going back to site.

  Plans, Elevations & Sections
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Even though 3D products are becoming increasingly popular, there will always be a need for 2D representations of buildings (i.e. Plans, Sections, Elevations, etc.)

We pride ourselves in neat, easy to read, scale plans with distinct line types, descriptive layer names and clear height annotations that can used electronically and/or printed out and walked on site.

We can issue these plans in a generic CAD format that works on many software packages or as extracts from 3D Revit models for clients intersted in BIM.

  3D Building Modeling (BIM)
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Our survey services include 3D As-built Models of Buildings in various formats like BIM Models in Revit, 3D Solid Models in generic CAD Packages like AutoCAD and Sketchup, etc. 3D Building Models help clarify Complex 3D Spatial Relationships in Buildings that need to be modified or upgraded and introduces a level of understanding that cannot be obtained from 2D plans. These services are not only used by Architects, but can be very valuable for Property Managers, Developers, Structural Engineers, etc.

We enjoy creating fully rendered 3D Models from Design Plans for presentation purposes and also provide options for 3D Printing of Real Life Scale Models.

  Contour Plans & Terrain Models
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We regularly survey ground surfaces, both natural and man made, and we offer services from conventional Survey to Laser Scanning. There is a multitude of different ways to represent the data, but typical formats include Topographic Maps with Contours, Cross Sectional Profiles, Triangulated Irregular Networks (TIN), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Point Clouds (LIDAR), etc. From these models we can run analysis tools to calculate Volumes of Stockpiles, simulate the Flow of Water, etc.

We offer a range of different Services, Equipment and Techniques and always comply with Safety Regulations on hazardous sites like Mines and Construction Sites.

  Property Boundaries & Building Lines
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Apart form as-built surveys, we also provide survey services to precisely control construction of new buildings (or additions) to make sure everything is constructed according to plan. Typical services include staking out of the Property Boundary, Building Lines and/or Position of Foundations, marking of Leveling Datums, monitoring Height Restrictions during construction, Precise Transfer of Fit-out Control up into a building with Multiple Levels, marking out Grid Lines for each floor, etc.

As Professional Land Surveyors we can survey and certify w.r.t. boundary encroachments and that any of the above services are within the Zoning Regulations.

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